Seniors for Smart Nation Project

3 hours IT Related Courses For Seniors

To Be Smart Nation Ready For Better Quality Of Life

use your SkillsFuture Credit to pay for SkillsFuture@PA (SA) courses

PA’s Senior Academy (SA), Seniors for Smart Nation,  provides a series of IT-related courses for seniors.  This new initiative will prepare seniors to be smart nation ready, and enhancing their quality of life.   Starting January 2016, all Singaporean/PR  can use their SkillsFuture Credit to pay for SkillsFuture@PA (SA) courses.

$10 (PAssion Card Member)/ $20 (Non-PAssion Card Member), for Singaporean/PR aged 50 and above (born in 1966 or earlier).
$20 (PAssion Card Member)/ $30 (Non-PAssion Card Member),  for Singaporean/PR aged 49 and below (born in 1967 or later)

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skillsfuture at iconnect

Learn to maximize the usefulness of your smartphones and tablet to get a quick start to learning social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with your family and friends. Learn to share pictures and videos without compromising your privacy and learn lingo used such as group chat

skillsfuture at i-photography

Get together with other aspiring photographers and learn how to enhance your knowledge of photography and manipulate the art of composition. We are offering a diverse suite of digital courses from basic point & shoot, to creative post processing

skillsfuture at i-lifestyle

Use SmartPhone and Tablet technology to pursue your hobbies or personal interests or even set-up an online business.

skillsfuture at i-innovations

Be exposed to advanced technologies that will change the way we live and work. Experience the latest trends in online communications and hi-tech leisure hobbies and wow your family and friends with your new found IT knowledge!

skill future at i-office

Your Smart Phone and Tablets are now a mini computer with functions to becom a mini office. Be enabled by learning the latest iOS/Android suite on smartphone and tablets and improve your productivity while on-the-go! Learn how to execute common tasks in Word®, Excel® and create simple yet creative PowerPoint® presentations at your fingertips!

Skills Furture Courses

Trainer: Mohamed Iqbal Bin Mohamed Ali Maricar

 Course EXPRESS –  is a 1 hour course preview for our skills future courses in the Community Clubs
LLCOCXP189XP Xpress Basic Computer Class – ClickHere
LLCOCXP275XP Xpress Basic Microsoft Office – Click Here  

SkillsFuture@PA courses will be available at the following CCs island-wide. Residents can log on to to apply for the SkillsFuture@PA courses.

To Request for a List of Participating C.C.
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Trainer: Mohamed Iqbal Bin Mohamed Ali Maricar
Trainer is a practitioner in Ecommerce, Web development, Internet Marketing and Microsoft Office  in his business.  He is very conversant with training adults for many years. He has a Diploma in Interactive Media and has a full ACTA certificate (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment)and have completed Diploma in Adult Training & Education (DACE).He is now pursuing WSQ Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing Expert.   “He is also versatile and skillful in the built-in features of Androids, iPhones and Tablets and their photo-videography functions and accessories.”

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