Course Objective

The course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge of PhotoShop CS6 by editing images using modifying selections, managing layers, cropping and resizing, draining of colours, photo-retouching, learning of basic sharpening techniques and creating artistic text.

Course Outline

  1. Getting Started
    • Work with Images
    • Understanding Photoshop
    • Start Photoshop on a PC
    • The Photoshop Workspace
    • Find Images for your projects
    • Open an Image
    • Exit Photoshop
  1. Understanding Photoshop Basics
    • Introduction the Photoshop Toolbox
    • Work with Toolbox
    • Magnify with the Zoom Tool
    • Adjust Views
    • Using Rulers and Guides
    • Undo Commands
    • Revert an Image
    • Manage Image Windows
  1. Changing the Sizes of an Image
    • Change he On-Screen Size of an Image
    • Change the Print Size of an Image
    • Change the Resolution of an Image
    • Crop and Straighten Photos
    • Trim an Image
    • Change the Canvas Size of an Image
  1. Making Selections
    • Select with the Marquee Tools
    • Select With the Lasso Tool
    • Select with the Magnetic Lasso Tool
    • Select with Quick Selection Tool
    • Select with the Magic Wand Tool
    • Select with the Color Range Command
    • Select All the Pixels in an Image
    • Move a Selection Border
    • Add to or Subtract from a Selection
    • Invert a Selection
  1. Manipulating Selections
    • Move a Selection
    • Copy and Paste a Selection
    • Delete a Selection
    • Rotate a Selection
    • Scale a Selection
    • Skew or Distort a Selection
    • Scaling
    • Feather the Border of a Selection
    • Create Vanishing Point Planes
    • Copy between Vanishing Point Planes
  1. Painting and Drawing with Color
    • Select the Foreground and Background Colors
    • Selecta color with the Eyedropper Tool
    • Select a Color with the Swatches Panel
    • Using the Brush Tool
    • Change Brush Styles
    • Apply a Gradient
    • Fill a Selection
    • Using the Clone Stamp
    • Using the Pattern Stamp
    • Using the Spot Healing Brush
    • Using the Healing Brush
    • Using the Patch Tool
    • Using the History Brush
    • Using the Eraser
    • Replace a Color
    • Fix Red Eye in Photo
  1. Adjusting Lighting and Colors
    • Change Brightness and Contrast
    • Using the Dodge and Burn Tools
    • Using the Blur and Sharpen Tools
    • Adjust Levels
    • Adjust Curves
    • Adjust Hue and Saturation
    • Using the Sponge Tool
    • Adjust Color Balance
  1. Working with Layers
    • What Are Layers?
    • Create and Add to a Layer
    • Hide a Layer
    • Move a Layer
    • Duplicate a Layer
    • Delete a Layer
    • Reorder Layers
    • Change the Opacity of a Layer
    • Merge Layers
    • Rename a Layer
    • Transform a Layer
    • Create a Solid Fill Layer
    • Create an Adjustment Layer
    • Edit an Adjustment Layer
    • Apply an Adjustment-Layer Preset
    • Link Layers
    • Work with Smart Objects
    • Filter Layers
    • Add a Layer Mask
    • Edit a Layer Mask
  1. Applying Layer Styles
    • Apply a Drop Shadow
    • Apply an Outer Glow
    • Apply Beveling and Embossing
    • Apply Multiple Styles to a Layer
    • Edit a Layer Style
    • Using the Styles Panel
  1. Applying Filters
    • Turn an Image into a Painting
    • Blur an Image
    • Sharpen an Image
    • Distort an Image
    • Add Noise to an Image
    • Turn an Image into a Charcoal Sketch
    • Apply Glowing Edges to an Image
    • Add Texture to an Image
    • Offset an Image
    • Using the Liquify Filter
    • Apply Multiple Filters
    • Using Smart Filters
  1. Drawing Shapes
    • Draw a Shape
    • Draw a Custom Shape
    • Draw a Straight Line
    • Draw a Shape with the Pen
    • Edit a Shape
  1. Adding and Manipulating Type
    • Add Type to an Image
    • Add Type in a Bounding Box
    • Change the Color of Type
    • Warp Type
  1. Saving and Printing Images
      • Save in the Photoshop Format
      • Save an Image for Use in Another Application
      • Save a JPEG for the Web
      • Print by Using a PC


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