• It is a great way to express yourself
  • Esasy make new friends,
  • Potential in earning extra money
  • Very easy to get started
  • Very enjoyable


Blogs allow for reader engagement. Blogs are often included in social media because of the ability for readers to comment and have a discussion with the blogger.

Blogging provides an easy way to keep your customers and clients up-to-date on what’s going on, let them know about new deals, and provide tips. The more a customer comes to your blog, the more likely they are to spend money.

A blog allows you to build trust and rapport with your prospects. Not only can you show off what you know, building your expertise and credibility, but because people can post comments and interact with you, they can get to know you, and hopefully, will trust you enough to buy from you.

Blogs can make money.

  • You can offer your product or service.
  • Get income from advertising and
  • Get income from becoming a referral affiliate

If you need help getting starting with your blogging, please get in touch. I help small businesses getting their blogs started with training and advice.

We will teach you

  • How to start building a free blog.
  • How to get your own
  • How to get new content for your blog
  • How to promote your products and services
  • How to interact with your customers or potential customers

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