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How To Sell Online on FaceBook Page Like a Pro!

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How to Optimize and Maximize Your Profits By Selling On FaceBook!

Why FaceBook?

socialmedia analysis

Why sell on Facebook,.
Facebook has over 1.94 billion active users every single month.
Thats quite a potential customers. Even a fraction buy from you, that wii help your economic.

We will teach you

  1. How to set up a facebook Business page (it is different from your personal Facebook account)
  2. We will help you to upload your products, prices and promotional material on the Facebook Business page.
  3. We will help you how to sell your products, to present customers or contacts for your products and services.
  4. We will help you to start growing your pool of contacts.
  5. We will teach you how to set up a marketing plan for your business success


Fees: SGD$97
Duration: 8 hours
Personal Coaching Available
WhatsApp: 96550159

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