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Basic 1 – Using participants Smart Phones

  • I-Connect – Understanding your Android
  • i-Connect – Understanding Your I-Phone
  • I-Connect – Understanding Your Apps

Basic 2 – Using participants Smart Phones

  • I-Connect – Stay Connected with WhatsApp
  • I-Connect – FaceBook For Beginners
  • I Connect – Be an Instagrammar
  • I Connect- Communication Made Easy With Skype

Basic 3 – Using SmartPhone

  • I-Lifestyle – Transportation at your Fingertips
  • I-Lifestyle – Shop and Pay Online
  • I-Lifestyle – Selling Online-Carousell

Basic 4 – Using participants Smart Phones

  • Understanding SingPass & MyskillsFuture
  • i-Lifestyle – Mobile Apps @ Gov.
  • Understanding QR & Cashless Payment
  • Easy use of OnePA Website
  • Health Informatioin Tools and Services
  • E-Travel

Basic 5 – Using Computer  provided By CC

  • i-Office – Type like a Pro
  • Introduction to Emailing
  • I-Office – Creative Presentations using Powerpoint®
  • I-Office – Understanding Microsoft Excel®

Basic 6 –Using Computer  provided By CC

  • I-Office – Introduction to Windows 10
  • I-Office – Web Creation with Mobile Device
  • I-Office – Safe Storage With Clouds.

Basic 7 – Using participants Smart Phones

  • I-Photography – Digital Photo Management
  • I-Photography- Mobile Photography
  • I-Photography- Mobile Photography

Basic 8 – Using participants Smart Phones

  • I- Videography
  • 1 Creating Youtube Videos
  • 2 Microsoft Windows Movie Maker


It is important that participants keep to the Basic Level in sequence as to expedite learning, understanding and retention.


Other Skills Future Courses At Community Club

The Skills Future courses are:

Course Code: SF16ELJST76 -Simple Excel– Bookkeeping for Small Business

Course Code: SF16ELIT63 – Microsoft Office 2010 – -Basic and Intermediate

Course Code: SF16ELIT67 – Build Your Own Ecommerce Websites

Course Code: SFGV0905IQ – Create Your Own Website with WordPress

The following are the Links to: